"Where Champions are Made"

Poplar Bluff Speedway

"Where Champions are Made"

If you was not at the Poplar Bluff Speedway April 19th you missed out. The evening started out with some great action from a great group of cars in each class. Then as the night progressed the highlight of the night arrived. With hundreds of kids in the infield the Poplar Bluff Speedway held its Easter Egg Hunt. With smiling kids hunting there special eggs it was a sight to see. Many prizes was given away including Bicycles,Money,Candy, Food,Flags, Passes & More. We want to Thank everyone for coming out an spending their Saturday Night with us at the Poplar Bluff Speedway and dont forget this Saturday April 26th the Poplar Bluff Speedway will have it Enduro 200 get those Enduro Cars ready. If you dont have one you still have time, go find you one and come join the fun & excitement at the Poplar Bluff Speedway. Here is the Results from April 19th.

Crate Late Models
1. 93 Mason Oberkramer
2. 47 Chandler Petty
3. 6  Jimmy Holdford
4. 1s Shawn Knuckles
5. 2  Charlie Cole
6. 15b Dewayne Brooks
7. 14 Andrew Rushin
8. 66 Robbie Moore
9. 77 Gavin Landers
10.99r Tim Taylor
11. 3  Mike Jessup
12. 18 Roger Witt

1. 00 John Gray
2. D97 Daryl Haye
3. 97 Paul Reeder
4. 44 Rustin Miller
5. G3 Ronnie Vernon
6. 51 Jimmy Cornell
7. 10r Tim Radford
8. 55 Walter Dunn
9. 24 Bill McAllister
10. M93 Matthew Rogers
11. 3 Scott Burge
12. 76 Dustin Casselberry

Super Street
1.32b Barry Daniels
2. 3 Wyatt Hill
3. 68 Greg Sparks
4. 21 Jason Pennington
5. 38 Jessie Shearin
6. 11 Matt Brown
7. 99 Chuck Adams
8. L18 Landon Clinton
9. 11x John Stephens
10. 3x  Jeff Rothe

1.24b Jason Brigman
2.1s Shawn Knuckles
3.95 Josh Sissom
4.0  Tony Myers
5.44 Gene Sisco
6.21 Justin Rigel
7.11 Dustin Shaw
8.15x Sean Lebo
9.00 Rick Vinson
10.76b Cordie Burkman
11. 76 Robbie Hamlet
12.27 Tyler Vinson

Street Stock
1.32b Barry Daniels
2.88 Darren Fox
3.68jr. Brandon Sparks
4.81 Josh Despain
5.2  Danny Kinard
6.23a Aaron Rackley
7.99 Becky Alford
8.16b Bradley Brooks
9.21 Ryan Bradley
10.5b Tim Gage
11. 3 Skip Holman

Mini Stock
1. 19r Jamie Robards Jr.
2. 89 Race Adamson
3. 10 Larry Faulkner
4. 29f Dennis Foster
5. 22 Tim Hill
6.T1 Don Taylor
7. B8 Logan Boone
8. Bob Trout

April 5th has came an gone an what a great night of racing it was. As the sun set the temps fell alittle on us at the Poplar Bluff Speedway but that had no effect on the racing that we seen thru the night. All classes proved to show there talent with some giving us Caution Free Features, Super Street drivers Matt Brown & Scott Tracer ran for over 11 laps side by side for the lead. If you was not there to see some of the best racing in Southeast Missouri you missed out, but don't worry as racing at the Poplar Bluff Speedway will be resume again April 19th.

NeSmith Crate Late Models
1. #2 Charlie Cole
2. #66 Robbie Moore
3. #93 Mason OberKramer
4. #18L Brent Lewis
5. #14JR Andrew Rushin

1. #76 Dustin Casselberry
2. #97 Paul Reeder
3. #D97 Daryl Haye
4. #2 C. Cole
5. #10R Tim Radford

Super Street
1. #11 Matt Brown
2. #99 Chuck Adams
3. #21 Jason Pennington
4. #33 Scott Tracer
5. #11x John Stephens

NeSmith Street Stock
1. #88 Darren Fox
2. #99 Becky Alford
3. #81 Josh Despain
4. #2 Danny Kinnard
5. #16B Bradley Brooks

1. #24B Jason Brigman
2. #44 Gene Sisco
3. #21 Justin Rigel
4. #76 Robbie Hamlett
5. #11 Dustin Shaw

Mini Stock
1. #89 Race Adamson
2. #10 Larry Faulkner
3. #19R Jamie Robards
4. #22 Tim Hill
5. #T1 Don Taylor

April 5th all class racing at the Poplar Bluff Speedway. Featuring NeSmith Crate Late Models, Modifieds, Super Street, NeSmith Street Stock, E-Mod & Mini Stocks which is sure to be a exciting night of racing. April 5th will be a points race for the NeSmith Divisions as we welcome NeSmith on board at the Poplar Bluff Speedway. Pit Gates Open at 3:00pm Grand Stands open at 4:00. Hot Laps at 5:30pm & Racing at 6:00pm. Grandstand Admission $8.00, Pit Admission $25.00.
The 7th Annual Bootheel 200 is now in the books. What a exciting weekend of racing we had at the Poplar Bluff Speedway. Thank you to everyone that made the race possible here. Here is your Feature Winners USCS at this does not have  there results posted yet.

01. #5 Jerod Roller, Hernando, MS
02. #w20 Greg Wilson, Benton Ridge, OH
03. #16 Anthony Nicholson, Bartlett, TN
04. #10 Terry Gray, Bartlett, TN
05. #9JR Derek Hager, Marion AR
06. #10M Morgan Turpen, Cordova, TN
07. #14m Kyle Bellm, Nixa, MO
08. #1x Eddie Gallagher, Olive Branch, MS
09. #88 Tim Crawley, Benton AR
10. #13T Taylor Tidmore, Hernando, MS
11. #3B Brad Greer, Coulterville, IL
12. #28 Jeff Willingham, Ripley, MS
13. #61 Cody Howard, Nesbit, MS
14. #12m Greg Merritt, Nesbit, MS
15. #17m Joey Moughan, Springfield, IL
16. #7d Dylan DeJournett, Essex, MO
17. #25 Ray Bugg, Iuka, MS
18. #27 Curt Terrell, Bartlett, TN
19. #12 Dalton Davis, Millington, TN - DNS

Friday Night

1. 88 B.J. Gatewood
2. 6 Sean Hosey
3. 72 Chris Wright
4. 14 Bo Barber
5. 65 Zane Clark
6. 88G Abbey Gatewood

Saturday Night

1. 51b Joe B. Miller, Millersville, MO
2. 88 B.J. Gatewood, Caruthersville, MO
3. 6 Sean Hosey, Clarksville, TN
4. 14 Bo Barber, Clarksville, TN
5. 33 Reece Womack, West Faulkner, MS
6. 88G Abbey Gatewood, Caruthersville, MO
7. 72 Chris Wright, Qulin, MO
8. 16x Jordan Massom, Jackson, MO
9. 65 Zane Clark, Qulin, MO – DNS
10. 22p Chad Despain, Millersville, MO

USCS Modifieds
1. 12 Scott Crigler, Monticello, AR
2. 12 Lucas Lee, Paris, TN
3. 9 Ken Schrader, Concord, NC
4. 07 Ben Reed, Munford, TN
5. 29 Preston Seratt, Dyersburg, TN
6. 18 Matt Cooper, McKenzie, TN
7. 44 Jim Gulley, Paragould, AR
8. 55 Terry Kirk, Urbana, MO
9. 29 Josh Tomlin, Hayti, MO
10. 97 Paul Reeder, Malden, MO
11. 4p Jared Hays, Jonesboro, AR
12. 57 Chris Hall, Sikeston, MO
13. 00 Jon Gray, Jonesboro, AR
14. 51jr. Jimmy Cornell, Poplar Bluff, MO
15. 76 Dustin Casselberry, Malden, MO
16. J21 Jacob Davis, Millersville, MO
17. 27 Michael Turner, Paris, TN
18. G3 Ronnie Vernon, Friendship, TN
19. 99R Justin Roberts, Paragould, AR
20. 10 Michael Dodd, Caruthersville, MO
21. 2 Charlie Cole, Wynne, AR
22. 66 Jeff Hall, Jr., Sikeston, MO
23. 3 Scott Burge, Puxico, MO
24. D97 Daryl Hay, Donaphin, MO
25. 44 Rustin Miller, Houston, MO

Crate Late Models
1st- 73 Ashley Newman
2nd- 66 Robbie Moore
3rd- 18 Tate Davenport
4th- 1s Shawn Knuckles
5th- 2 Charlie Cole
6th- 181 Chad Williams
7th- 93 Mason Oberkramer
8th- 99R Tim Taylor
9th- 14Jr. Andrew Rushin
10th- 10 Ronnie Cooper

Super Street
1st- 99 Chuck Adams
2nd- 32B Barry Daniels
3rd- 12 Charlie Savage
4th- N1 Dale Nelson
5th- 76 Jamey Daughtee
6th- 21 Jason Pennington
7th- 11x John Stephens
8th- 2 John Hayes
9th- 22 Billy Britt
10th- 25 Daniel Heley

Street Stock/Pure Street
1st- 4 Barry Daniels
2nd- 88 Darren Fox
3rd- 54 Greg Westmoreland
4th- 83 Jr Shearin
5th- 20 Keith Head
6th- 76 Travis Goodman
7th- 99 Becky Alford
8th- 22jr Craig Wiggins
9th- 9 Kyle Downs
10th- 23A Aaron Rackley

1st- 606 Tyler Newman
2nd- 25 Andrew Allen
3rd- 76 Robbie Hamlett
4th- 69r Jamie Robards
5th- 14c Jason Carptner
6th- C3 Chad Staus
7th- 11 Dustin Shaw
8th- 01 Cole Fowler
9th- 99 Bobby Burrows
10th- 1s Shawn Knuckles

Mini Stock
1st- 10 Scott Flanigan
2nd- 21 Mark Nichols
3rd- 10 Kyle Jarrett
4th- 99A Charles Adams
5th- 15 Darrell Ames
6th- 2M Austin Basara
7th- 10 Larry Faulkner
8th- T1 Don Taylor
9th- 89 Race Adamson
10th- 62 Cody Russell

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2014 Race Season at the Poplar Bluff Speedway  "Where Champions are Made"

December 21, 2013



    CARTERSVILLE, GA – Poplar Bluff Speedway in Poplar Bluff, MO will carry on the NeSmith Racing banner in the Show Me State as they will present racing for the NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Models and the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division Presented By AR Bodies for the 2014 season on Saturday nights.

    For several NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series competitors, Poplar Bluff Speedway will fill a void that was created earlier this month with closing of West Plains Motor Speedway in West Plains, MO.  Poplar Bluff Speedway should see a host of 2014 contenders for the $10,000 NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series National Championship.

    Top drivers expected to compete in the Poplar Bluff Speedway NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model Division in 2014 are Robby Moore of Brosley, MO, Roger Witt of Batesville, AR, Joey Smith of Pomona, MO, Gavin Landers of Batesville, AR, Bobby Skinner of Moody, MO, Kevin Collins of West Plains, MO, Chandler Petty of Austin, AR, Cody Kierre of Beebe, AR, Chad Williams of Lake City, AR, Jerry Buck of Paragould, AR, Jerry Croney of West Plains, MO, Mike Atchison of Eminence, MO, Steve Tarry of Paragould, AR, Randall Atchison of Eminence, MO, Gary Stolba of Willow Springs, MO, and Travis Ashley of Batesville, AR.

    Poplar Bluff Speedway will also host the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division Presented By AR Bodies for the 2014 season, as that Division increases its geographical footprint to the north and west.

    Drivers in the NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model and the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division Presented By AR Bodies will compete for both a weekly point fund and a National point fund against drivers at other sanctioned tracks using a points system that counts their best 14 weekly point totals during a 27-week season that runs from March 24 through September 28.

    The Top 10 drivers in the NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series point standings at the end of the season will divide up a $20,000 National point fund.  The 2014 NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series National champion will pocket $10,000.  The Top 10 drivers in the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division Presented By AR Bodies will race for a $5,000 National point fund and the 2014 National Champion will earn $2,000.

    Vernon Barker and Butch Knuckles partnered up to lease the track and were able to get a couple of races in before the end of the 2013 season.  They are looking forward to their first full season in 2014 under the NeSmith Racing banner for the Late Model and Street Stock Divisions on Saturday nights.

    “There has been a big growth in the NeSmith Chevrolet Weekly Racing Series Late Model Division in this area over the past two years, and we’ve had a lot of interest from those drivers that are looking forward to racing at Poplar Bluff Speedway in 2014,” Barker said.  “We’re also excited about being the first track in this area to have the NeSmith Performance Parts Street Stock Division.”

    Barker said Poplar Bluff Speedway invites competitors to a 2014 Preview and Rules Meeting on January 11 at 6 p.m. at the Elk’s Lodge located at 2452 U.S. Highway 67 North in Poplar Bluff, MO.  Barker and Knuckles will discuss the 2014 rules and plans for the track during the 2014 season.  

    Poplar Bluff Speedway is located at 1989 Speedway Drive, Poplar Bluff, MO  63901.  For more information call 573-718-9658, or visit the track web site at www.poplarbluffspeedway.net.  You can also like their Facebook page at Poplar Bluff Speedway for all of the latest news and information.

For more information and rules about the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series, visit the series all-new web site at www.nesmithracing.com, or visit the series on Facebook at NeSmith Racing.  Becoming a fan of the NeSmith Racing Facebook page will make you eligible for special prizes that will be given away each month.  You can follow us on Twitter @NeSmithRacing.

NeSmith Chevrolet, Buick, GMC of Claxton, GA is the Title Sponsor of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  NeSmith Chevrolet, Buick, GMC is the nation’s number one GM Powertrain and Performance Dealer six years running, with free delivery anywhere in the Southeast.  Chevrolet Performance Parts is an Official Sponsor of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  Hoosier Racing Tire is the Official Tire Sponsor of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  Hedman Hedders is the Official Hedder of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series and the Hedman Husler Award sponsor.  Bilstein Shocks is the Official Spec Shock of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  Old Man’s Garage is the sponsor of the NeSmith Chevrolet Old Man’s Garage Weekly Racing Series.  RockAuto.com is an Official Sponsor of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  Racecar Engineering is the Official Parts Supplier of the NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series.  Renegade Race and Performance Fuels are a series Associate Sponsor and fuel supplier.  NeSmith Chevrolet Dirt Late Model Series Contingency Sponsors for 2013 are Dominator Race Products, Stealth Racing Carburetors, Modern Images, Mike Custom Tanks, Shorty’s Shock Service, Schoenfeld Headers, J.T. Kerr Racing Equipment, Kinser Air Filters, AR Bodies, Velocita Racewear, and Performance Rod & Custom.  2013 Chassis Sponsors are Trak-Star Race Cars, Warrior Race Cars, Rocket Chassis, GRT Race Cars, TNT Race Cars, Stinger Race Cars, and CVR Race Cars.  
The Poplar Bluff Speedway will be sanctioned by the NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series & the NeSmith Street Stock Division for the 2014 season check back for more info on this an other exciting things to come in the following days!


For the 1st time ever in this area the NeSmith Street Stock Division will rumble to life at the Poplar Bluff Speedway for the 2014 season. Come check it out as history is being made. More info coming soon!!!!!!


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The Poplar Bluff Speedway is closed for the season we want to THANK everyone that made it possible to get the races in this year an we look forward to a exciting year in 2014. Please check in from time to time an when we get things lined out for the 2014 Season we will keep you informed.

Thanks Again

Vernon Barker  & Family
Butch Knuckles & Family

The Poplar Bluff Speedway is located at 1989 Speedway Drive Poplar Bluff MO 63901